Buy Bret Michaels Concert Tickets to See the Star

All is well with Bret Michaels. The singer was troubled with medical problems that resulted in cancellation of a few initial events. However, the remaining part of the tour is going to be unaffected and will be on schedule. The performer was hospitalized in a hurry when he reported unbearable pain in the stomach, on twelvth April, 2010.
Emergency appendectomy procedure was carried out on the forty seven year old. A few days later, on 22nd April, 2010 he was again admitted to the hospital in a hurry. This time it was an intense headache. He has under gone a critical subarachnoid hemorrhage but recovered. On twenty eighth April, 2010 it was reported that the rock star was conscious and could speak slowly.
The Bret Michaels Concert Tickets are available online and can be purchased from the comfort of home. The entertainer is well known in the world of rock music and was termed as the biggest bad boy of rock and roll. Bad or not, he is certainly versatile.
The singer writes his songs, he is an actor, tried his hands on directing, producing and screen writing. The entertainer even appeared on the realty show. Bret shot to fame as the lead singer of the rock band Poison. He has also produced some popular solo albums. The rock star appeared in the reality programs "Rock of Love with Bret Michaels" and "Celebrity Apprentice 3". He also appeared as judge, on the "Nashville Star" show. The star has his fair share of lime light earlier as well due to his relationship with Pamela Anderson and the subsequent controversies.
The last years of 1980 and the start of 1990 was a great time for the career of the rock star. Michaels at that time was working with Poison and co drafted smashing hit singles that went on to occupy the number one position in the US Billboard. Some of the memorable hits from Michael are; "Every Rose has It's Thorn", "Party Rock Band", "Bittersweet", "Go that Far", "Start Again", "Driven", "Nothing to Lose", "Lie to Me" and "Wasted Time".
Bret has 50 live performance events planned across US. These concerts will also promote his latest album "Custom Built". The fans of the singer are going crazy to take a look at the performing rock star from the close quarters. The Bret Michaels Concert Tickets are the gateway to see the great performer with a place full of supporting rock fans.